Couples Counseling for Civil & Marital Unions

Can Counseling Make Us Happy Again? Couple’s Counseling works for people from all walks and stages of life. ​Some of us were once eager to meditate on and envision the direction of our lives before. We’ve failed to keep our mental exercises going as the views of our partners become more stable in our daily activities. […]

9 Tips for Managing Your Marriage During the Pandemic

Marriages require an effective balance of separateness and togetherness. The proper ratio varies from couple to couple. Too much time together can be as challenging as not enough. Divorce lawyers are reporting a huge increase in inquiries from unhappy people wanting a divorce. Luckily, there are steps anyone can take to decrease the odds of […]

Enhance Your Relationship by Setting Reasonable Expectations for Your Marriage

Setting expectations for your marriage can be a balancing act. When your expectations are high, you’re more likely to rise to the challenge of creating a rewarding relationship. However, if your expectations are too lofty, you could set yourself up for disappointment and resentment. There can also be a disconnect between what you expect from […]

Building Better Relationships # 236 Pro Tips for Giving Your Partner a Massage

CRC Life Coach knows having a great relationship takes constant work.  Massage is a great way for self care as well as building better relationships through an amazing bonding experience.  Some of the many benefits include: Self Care.  Sharing a massage tells the other person you care through actions, not just words Stress relief.  We […]