Couples Coaching

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” – John Lennon

Happy marriages aren’t the stuff of dreams. You do NOT need to feel stuck in your relationship. 
Couples Coaching

Happy marriages aren’t the stuff of dreams. You do NOT need to feel stuck in your relationship, but you also can’t set your marriage on autopilot and expect smooth driving. Relationships take work.


At CRC Life Coach, we work with you to bridge the gap between where your relationship is now and where you want it to be. Whether you’re feeling disconnected from your spouse, tired of being asked to play second fiddle, or uncertain about the direction your marriage is going.


Working collaboratively with your couples’ life coach, you’ll learn to:


  • Stop arguing and listen to what’s being said
  • Leave competition and one-upmanship in the past
  • Break the pattern of miscommunication and hurt feelings
  • Accept love and praise from each other in ways that meet your needs
  • Think before absent-mindedly complaining
How We Can Help
Enneagram & NLP
Using tools like the Enneagram and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), we’ll help you create a “conscious” relationship that is full of respect, not resentment.
Communicate Effectively
During our time together, we’ll identify each spouse’s communication style so that you can talk to each other in the clearest, most effective way possible.
Teach Empathy and Understanding
We’ll also pinpoint each spouse’s personality type so that you can relate to each other with empathy and understanding.
The Difference Between Couples Coaching and Couples Counseling

As with all coaching vs. therapy discussions, the biggest difference between Marriage and Couples Coaching and Marriage Counseling and Therapy is around results.  

Couple’s coaching asks questions to help one or both partners in a relationship to improve something – for example, improving communication, personal growth or helping them respond to needs better. Improvement will be judged on metrics decided on by the stakeholders. Therapy is more about providing a safe space for people to communicate so they can resolve emotional issues or so that they can come to terms with something that is hard to talk about (e.g. a previous divorce, infidelity, illness or a death, etc.) or pathologies that are preventing someone from being happy.

Essentially, marriage counseling or marriage therapy clients are looking to heal; marriage and couples coaching clients are looking to get results (according to whatever goals they set); marriage counseling and therapy clients want to understand why they feel what they feel; Marriage and couples coaching clients want to take action to change their lives and their relationships.  

Another way to think about this is to say that couples therapy is about dealing with unresolved issues from the past that are impacting your ability to be happy together, today. e.g. “You said you had difficulty trusting your partner because of how your parents treated you when you were younger. Tell me about that.”  

Couples coaching is more about assessing and adapting your habits in the present so you can get results you want in the future – whether that’s fixing something in the near term (e.g. “We want to organize our time better so we can spend more quality time together) or working towards something big over the long term (e.g. “How do I keep my ongoing conflicts with my in-laws from really hurting our marriage?”).

In couples coaching, the end goal typically goes beyond open-ended aims like ‘feeling happy’, ‘coming to terms with the past’ or ‘getting closure’. It’s about getting measurable results, sometimes a little bit at a time, to help with the problems that you already know are hurting your relationship – to achieve a brighter future.

No need to feel stuck in a 

relationship that makes you unhappy

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