Couples Coaching

"You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one." -- John Lennon


Happy marriages aren’t the stuff of dreams. You do NOT need to feel stuck in your relationship. 


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Couples Coaching

Happy marriages aren’t the stuff of dreams. You do NOT need to feel stuck in your relationship.

But you also can’t set your marriage on autopilot and expect smooth driving. Relationships take work.

At CRC Life Coach, we work with you to bridge the gap between where your relationship is now and where you want it to be. Whether you’re feeling disconnected from your spouse, tired of being asked to play second fiddle, or insecure about the direction your marriage is going.

Working collaboratively with your couples’ life coach, you’ll learn to:

  • Stop arguing and listen to what’s being said
  • Leave competition and one-upmanship in the past
  • Break the pattern of miscommunication and hurt feelings
  • Accept love and praise from each other in ways that meet your individual needs
  • Think before absent-mindedly complaining

How We Can Help

Enneagram & NLP

Using tools like the Enneagram and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), we’ll help you create a “conscious” relationship that is full of respect, not resentment.

Communicate Effectively

During our time together, we’ll identify each spouse’s communication style so that you can talk to each other in the clearest, most effective way possible.

Teach Empathy & Understanding

We’ll also pinpoint each spouse’s personality type so that you can relate to each other with empathy and understanding.

No Need to Feel Stuck in a Relationship That Makes You Unhappy.

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Russell Church


Based in Tennessee, Russell Church is the owner of CRC Life Coach. He is a couples’ life coach and holds an ICF certification and offers in-home life coaching and couples coaching.

Couples coaching works best when we see both partners, but we can begin the process with one spouse. However, we require that both partners commit to taking the Enneagram evaluation so that we can evaluate which communication styles are needed.