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Great Question! It is imperative that you, as the Client, understand what “life coaching” entails.  Coaching is an alliance or partnership between Coach and Client, where the Coach guides, explores, empowers, and facilitates change in the Client’s life in one area, or more.  The Coach provides tools, support, and a thought-provoking process that inspires the Client to maximize their potential, uncover their own answers, and live an authentically happy life.

This all depends on your life situation and what you want. It also depends how accountable you are. Are you willing to put in the work planned out during sessions? This is completely up to you. Some people require more sessions because they may find it difficult to move forward. If this is the case, we will delve deeper into the real reasons why you aren’t achieving what you decided you wanted.

In short, no. As a Coach, my job is to help guide you, help you understand yourself, discover your beliefs and values, and plan out your ideal future – with those in mind. There will be homework assignments after each session – and it’s up to you to complete those. Accountability is key.

The best life coaches will tell you that it all depends on your effort, accountability, and what you want to change. If you want to lose weight, for example, you won’t see your body change overnight. However, through appropriate coaching, in a short amount of time, you begin to have past beliefs transformed in a huge way. The new beliefs create new behaviors to help you achieve your goals. If your behaviors remain unchanged, CRC Life Coach will help you discover why.

Coaching is not psychotherapy, counseling, or delving deep into the Client’s past. A Coach is not trained to diagnose or treat psychological conditions. A top Coach will not tell the Client what is right from wrong for their life.