About CRC Life Coach

CRC Life Coach was founded in 2013 as a way of spreading the message that the answers we are looking for are already within us and that we just need the tools to find those answers and make use of them in the most efficient, and effective way possible.


CRC is an extension of founder Russell Church’s lifelong search for the user’s manual of life that was apparently missing when he was born.  Over the years, he has written his own user’s manual from such sources as Jose Silva, Robert Monroe, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Fritz Perls, Milton H. Erickson, G.I. Gurdjieff, Claudio Naranjo, Wayne Dyer and more recently Brene Brown and Eckhart Tolle.


CRC is and always has been more than just personal coaching.  With over 35 years of training across multiple modalities spanning technical, psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical, we are able to truly address the whole person: mind, body, and soul.


CRC Life Coach is a part of CRC Services, LLC and provides ICF certified personal coaching, meditation training, spiritual counseling, relationship counseling, Reiki Training, Reiki healing, Enneagram and personality typing, and holistic healing to overcome blocks that keep the person from becoming their most effective and authentic self.


CRC Services, its divisions, and employees do not provide medical or psychological services of any type and are not licensed to perform psychotherapy or diagnose or heal any mental or physical conditions.