I’m Russell Church CHC,LRMT,ACC

Personal Life & Career Coach

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Personal Life Coaching

is about building a relationship. We take these relationships seriously. This journey is about two people, coach and client, engaging in an intimate conversation, one drawing out the other in a gentle yet intentional way to discover the answers that already exist within a person.

Career Building

Career Coaching is about finding out how you want to spend the rest of your working life, whether you are just graduating from college, are considering a mid-career transition or are having to work through other career related changes. We help you find the answers.


“Russell brought great value to the table. His calming disposition, and ease of laughter, took my nervousness away immediately so that we could get some great work done. I feel more confident already deciding to work with him.”

Patricia M.

“My session with Russell was great. He is a excellent listener, who asked perceptive questions. He helped me work through a thorny issue concerning my career path”

Cindi B.

“Russell was extremely warm and easy to speak with. I felt comfortable talking to him immediately, and within minutes had ideas appearing in my mind that I hadn’t considered. He directed me towards my path of growth merely in our initial discussion. I definitely look forward to further conversations with him. “

Jason R.

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